• 27finsprincess

    This story may be a little to EPIC for some readers under the age of 7 yrs.

    Thank you

    It was a sunny, bright day in the land of Ooo. Finn and Jake where just getting ready to nap after their extreme adventuring that night. Trying to stop Flame Princess (Finn's crush) before she destroyed the Goblin Kingdom. When she finally decided Finn was a water elemental, she just left. Saying, "Bye Finn", after their hugged. Finn quietly yelped in pain when he got into his sleeping bag, from the burns all over him. Finally, they closed the shades and fell fast asleep.

    Outside the Grasslands the possessed snail was still slithering around. After months of searching he had finally found the hole where Finn had killed the Lich. The Snail, green eyes shinni…

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